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Planning Building & Engineering:

Land designated for residential use outside the city limits but within the sphere of influence is the most abundant, with approximately 784 acres. Approximately 184 acres are designated for commercial use, 215 acres have been designated for industrial use, and approximately and 18 acres in the northwestern quadrant of the sphere of influence are designated for open space. There are three major blocks of land designated for industrial use to the north, west, and east of the city. Residential areas exclusively within the sphere of influence are situated in every direction outward from the city limits, with major blocks reserved at the northeast, southwest and southeast quadrants of the sphere of influence. Westmorland’s entire sphere of influence consists of approximately 2,463 gross 1,410 acres of land. About 210,272 acres are located within the city limits, and 2,191 gross 1,200 acres are located outside the city limits.

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