August 10, 2023

NOTICE INVITING BIDS Local Measure D-Funded South Center Street Paving Project (CLOSED)




Sealed bids will be received at the office of the City Clerk, City of Westmorland, California, until 2:00 PM, Thursday, August 31, 2023 and on the same day shortly thereafter, they will be publicly opened and read for Local Measure D-Funded South Center Street Paving Project.  In accordance with the Specifications, bids must be made on the forms provided in the specifications for this purpose; addressed to the City of Westmorland; and marked "Bid For", followed by the title of the project and the date and hour for submitting bids.

Bids are required for the entire work as described in the Bid Schedule and the Specifications. The work to be accomplished under this contract consists of:

Excavation and recycling/hauling to recycler of existing AC paving and base material, installation of 12” of Hot Mix Asphalt, re-striping to match previously existing striping, adjusting sewer manhole cover and monument cover to grade, and traffic control, as per Section V of contract specifications.

Work must be completed within 30 working days of the issuance of the Notice to Proceed from the City. The contract documents, which include the Plans and Specifications, may be obtained at the City of Westmorland, Department of Engineering for a non-refundable fee of $100.00.  Contract documents can be shipped via overnight express if the requestor includes their own shipping account number with their request for documents and a check for $100.00.  The documents are entitled       “Local Measure D-Funded South Center Street Paving Project”.  Bids arriving after2:00 PM on Thursday, August 31, 2023 will not be accepted.

Each bid must be accompanied by cash, certified check, cashier's check or bidder's bond, made payable to the City of Westmorland for an amount equal to at least ten percent (10%) of the bid amount, such guarantee to be forfeited should the bidder to whom the contract is awarded fails to enter into the Contract.

Award of contract shall be made to the lowest responsive responsible bidder. All bids are to be compared on the basis of the Base Bid items shown in the Bid Schedule; however, the additive bid amount is to be listed in the bid proposal.  Bids will not be accepted from contractors who are not licensed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 9, Division III of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California. The Contractor shall be required to possess a current "C" license at the time the contract is awarded. A copy of the Contractor's certified payroll, as well as those of all subcontractors, shall be required to be submitted with each invoice.

Attention is directed to Government Code Sections 4590 and 14402.5 permitting the substitution of specified and approved securities for contract retention of funds. All such securities shall be subject to the review and approval of the City Attorney of the City of Westmorland.

Pursuant to Section 1773 of the Labor Code, the general prevailing wage rates in the county, or counties, in which the work is to be done have been determined by the Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations.  These wages are available from the California Department of Industrial Relations’ Internet web site at  The Federal minimum wage rates do not apply since this project is locally funded.

Attention is directed to the general prevailing wage rates determined by the Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations for classifications of labor.  The Contractor and subcontractors shall pay not less than the prevailing wage rate. 

Before a Contract is entered into with the successful bidder, the bidder shall present evidence in writing to the City Clerk, City of Westmorland, that he has a current combined single limit liability policy with aggregate limits for Bodily Injury and Property Damage in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000).

The successful bidder will be required to furnish a payment bond and a faithful performance bond, both in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price and said bonds shall be secured from a surety company satisfactory to the City Attorney of the City of Westmorland.

This project is not subject to the “Buy America” AMERICA" provisions or the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirements which apply to federally-funded project; however, any DBE participation will help toward the State’s DBE goals. 

Required Documents – The following documents must be submitted with bid or bid will be considered non-responsive:

Pg. I-8 to I-11         Bid Proposals

Pg. I-15                  Contractor’s Industrial Safety Record

Pg. I-16                  Contractor’s Qualification Statement

Pg. I-17                  Certification of Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action

Pg. I-14                   Non-collusion Affidavit

Pg. I-18 to I-19       Bid Security Form and Bid Bond

Pg.  I-22                  Equal Employment Opportunity Certification

Pg. I-23                   Bidder’s Violation of Law/Safety Questionnaire

Pg. I-24                   Worker’s Compensation Insurance Certification

Pg. I-25                   Debarment and Suspension Certification

Pg. I-37 to I-38       Bidder’s List of Subcontractors (DBE & Non-DBE, Part I & II)

The City of Westmorland reserves the right to reject any and all bids or delete portions of any and all bids or waive any informality or irregularity in the bid or the bid procedures and shall be the sole judge of the bids received.

By order of the City of Westmorland.

Christine Pisch, City Clerk, City of Westmorland, CA

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