December 6, 2021

Light Parade Registration

General Rules

  • Santa’s are not permitted. We will provide the official Santa and all others will be removed.
  • All entries must be well lit.
  • All entries may incorporate live or recorded seasonal music into the float. Content must be appropriate for all ages.
  • Throwing items during the parade is not permitted.
  • All entries are required to maintain a continuous forward motion during the parade.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the staging areas or on the parade route.
  • No advertising of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or illegal activities are permitted.
  • Any vehicles acting or driving unsafely will be removed from the parade.
  • All vehicle drivers must have a valid driver’s license to participate.

Committee Rights: The Holiday Light Parade committee reserves the right to cause removal of any person or entry from the staging area or parade route that is, in its opinion, offensive or a hindrance to the progress of the parade, or places other participants or spectators in physical danger, or violates any of the regulations set forth in this application. These rights are non-negotiable and will be strictly enforced. Any violation of the above listed regulations will be considered grounds for immediate removal from the parade.

Liability Statement: Participants must recognize that all programs of a physical nature involve some risks, and that by registering for a program of this nature there is an assumption of risk by the participant or the participant's parent or guardian. Furthermore, the participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Westmorland and the City of Westmorland Park and Rec. department, its employees and program volunteers, from any loss or liability which may result from such participation. All pictures & video taken by staff at special events and programs are subject to publication, along with the pictured person’s full name in the Westmorland News Letter.

The Holiday Light Parade is Free to participate in. The deadline to register is Monday, December 13th,2021. All forms may be emailed to

Entries will be placed in order on a first come, first served basis.

Only entries that have:

  1. Signed the Rules and Liability Waiver
  2. ONLY Entries with lights/glow on them will be allowed to participate. Please provide a brief description of your entry below for our organizers to use the day of.

A confirmation with final times and details (including map) will be email to you once we receive your completed paperwork.

Download Registration Form

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